ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组)

ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组)

规格:防腐蚀,每组含4个支撑脚 应用:小电极 安装:直接装于毛坯的平面上

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EROWA IT电极定位片的参数

 技术参数 ITS定位片                     
 材料 防腐蚀
 在卡盘上的系统精度 0.002mm

EROWA IT电极定位片规格

定位片50                                    小型电极                  
定位片100 M8 工件和电极
定位片G 工件,切削加工中的夹具
操作 用EROWA搬运系统或电极交换装置

ER-009214,EROWA电极定位片50 (一套50组)

ER-036751,EROWA电极定位片50 (一套5组)




ER-009214, Centering Plate 50 (set of 50 pieces)

ER-036751 Centering plate 50 (Set of 5 units)

Version: Corrosion-resistant, including 4 supporting feet each.

Application: Small electrode weights

Mounting: Mounted directly on plane surface of blank.

ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组)

ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组)

Centering plate 50

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50 x Centering plate
50 x Base plate
200x Support foot SW8

ER-009214 er-036751 erowa定位片50(一套50组)

Technical dataApplication:
For electrodes
of min. ø 70 mm and 50 mm
A ) Base plate (thickness 0,6 mm)
B ) Centering plate (thickness 0,6 mm)
C ) Positioning mark
D ) Reference marks
E ) Support foot SW8 M5 x 16

ER-009214 er-036751 erowa定位片50(一套50组)

Setting up

Preparations - Machine the surface to which centering plate is to be fitted. Note that turning provides a more even surface than milling.
                         - Drill holes according to the pattern shown below. For this purpose, we supply a drill template ER-010710 (option) as an option.
The hole pattern can also be produced with the help of an NC machine.

Note: The ø 9 mm and ø10 mm holes are to accommodate the prismatic spigots of the rapid-action chuck and must therefore be drilled in any case.

The 4H7 holes are only necessary if the centering plate must be aligned in relation to a given reference surface. 

ER-009214 er-036751 erowa定位片50(一套50组)

Assembly- Put base plate (A) on the hole pattern of the blank.
                     Put centering plate (B) on top in the congruent position.
Note: The positioning mark (C) must remain visible after the centering plate has been put on. If a reference surface has been given, the reference marks (D) must refer to it.
- If necessary, align centering plate with ø 4 pins.
- Turn the 4 support feet into the M5 threads and tighten to 8 Nm.

ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组)

Check- Put the assembled blank onto an alignment plate. If it wobbles in any way, the following corrections are possible:

a) Lap the support feet in the assemblid state. This provides the best results. Try to achieve an evenness of 0.001 mm (F). The distance between support feet and mounting surface must be kept within the tolerance 11.2 +0.01/-0.05 (G).

Note: Measuring points on the mounting surface are possible in the holes (H) or beside the plates (J), depending on the version.
b) In the case of small errors, whet with an oil stone.

ER-009214 ER-036751 EROWA定位片50(一套50组) 

ER-009214 er-036751 erowa定位片50(一套50组)